Engagement and education working group

Lead: Yan Wang and Anne Aarts

Members: Heather Andrews, Marianna Avetisyan, Judith Brands, Connie Clare, Nicolas Dintzner, Simone Fricke, Chiara Gallese Nobile, Santosh Ilamparuthi, Paula Martinez Lavanchy, Zafer Özturk, Diana Popa, Phuong Truong, Yasemin Türkyilmaz van der Velden, Qian Zhang and Eirini Zormpa.

Objectives: This working group brings the data stewards from the 4TU.ResearchData partner institutions together to explore opportunities for cross-institutional collaborations to deliver education and training for data supporters and researchers. The group shares knowledge and experiences of implementing data management plans and policies; and, methods for effectively engaging researchers with data management.

Expectations: Members attend a one-hour monthly meeting on the fourth Tuesday of each month. Members conduct exercises and undertake preparatory work in between meetings as required.


Inventory of Research Data Management Training 

The group has started to collate information about the current research data management training courses and workshops organised at each of the 4TU partner institutions. This is a living document that will be updated and made publicly available in the Autumn.

A collection of disciplinary use cases 

The data stewards are disciplinary experts who are the first point of contact for providing research data support within their faculties and departments. It follows that they encounter a diverse range of research projects that each require different solutions and approaches regarding data management.

Currently, the group is collecting disciplinary use cases that showcase various different data collection, storage, sharing, privacy, ethics and legal considerations. Our collection of disciplinary use cases will be made publicly available to benefit data supporters and researchers at the end of this year.

Webpage content contributors: Heather Andrews, Connie Clare and Eirini Zormpa.