Privacy and GDPR working group

Lead: Santosh Ilamparuthi

Members: Marianna Avetisyan, Judith Brands, Connie Clare, Petri de Willigen, Nicolas Dintzner, Simone Fricke, Chiara Gallese Nobile, Paula Martinez Lavanchy, Sjef Öllers, Zafer Özturk, Diana Popa, Phuong Truong, Yasemin Türkyilmaz van der Velden, Yan Wang, Qian Zhang and Eirini Zormpa.

Objectives: This working group brings data stewards from the 4TU.ResearchData partner institutions together to learn about the best practices for handling personal or commercially sensitive data. Members share privacy related data management workflows from their universities, and evaluate potential solutions for researchers who collect sensitive data. Our main topics of interest are data agreements, informed consent, and data anonymisation and pseudonymisation.

Expectations: Members attend a one-hour monthly meeting on the third Tuesday of each month. Members conduct exercises and undertake preparatory work in between meetings as required.


A Guide to Data Sharing Agreements

Our aim is to create a guide for data stewards and researchers to learn more about agreements for sharing personal and non-personal data. The guide will provide information about data transfer agreements, data processing agreements, joint controllership agreements, non-disclosure agreements and end-user licensing agreements. The guide will be created during a series of writing sprints that will take place during the Autumn.

Formal training on Privacy and GDPR

Data stewards are often responsible for supporting researchers with various privacy, GDPR, ethical and legal concerns, but often don’t have formal training on such topics.

The working group aims to organise a formal training course for members to become trained and certified.

Watch this space! An update will be published in the Autumn. 

Webpage content contributors: Heather Andrews, Connie Clare and Eirini Zormpa.

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