FAIR and reproducible code working group

Lead: Nicolas Dintzner

Members: Heather Andrews, Marianna Avetisyan, Connie Clare, Kees den Heijer, Simone Fricke, Santosh Ilamparuthi, Paula Martinez Lavanchy, Zafer Özturk, Diana Popa, Phuong Truong, Yasemin Türkyilmaz van der Velden, Qian Zhang and Eirini Zormpa.

Objectives: This working group brings data stewards from the 4TU.ResearchData partner institutions together to learn about useful tools; writing, documenting and testing code; version control and collaboration; pipelines for programming languages; and archiving and licensing of software code. Our ultimate aim is to co-create and disseminate templates to help researchers achieve the minimum requirements for writing software code that follows the FAIR principles. Such templates will recommend practices to further increase the readability and reuse of code. 

Expectations: Members attend a one-hour monthly meeting on the second Tuesday of each month. Members conduct exercises and undertake preparatory work in between meetings as required.


A ‘Train the trainer’ workshop about ‘Writing FAIR and reproducible code’

On the 24th and 25th June, the working group conducted an online ‘Train the Trainer’ workshop for the data stewards from 4TU.ResearchData partner institutions to learn best practices for writing FAIR and reproducible software code. 

The sessions provided an opportunity for data stewards to learn best practices for writing FAIR and reproducible software code from one another. The workshop was conducted in a ‘flipped classroom’ format which required learners to undertake various code management exercises before the sessions and, then, work on live problem-solving during the sessions.

Read more about our experience of organising the ‘Train the trainer’ workshop.

Educational templates for writing FAIR and reproducible code

From September, the working group will develop templates and guidelines to help researchers write FAIR and reproducible software code.

More to follow about this deliverable at the end of 2021!

Webpage content contributors: Heather Andrews, Connie Clare and Eirini Zormpa.

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