4TU.ResearchData contributions to the Skills4EOSC project: an update

The Skill4EOSC project started last year with a mission to set up a pan-European network of competence centres that can speed up the training of European researchers. 

10 months later, the project is making some great progress, here are a few updates on 4TU.ResearchData’s contributions:

  • The Fellowship Programme for Data Professionals: the first call for fellows will be out during the second half of July. Several institutions have already signed up as potential host institutions, including 4TU.ResearchData (TU Delft). At the moment, only partner institutions in the Skills4EOSC consortium can be host institutions but this will be widened in the future. Keep an eye on our channels for any updates. 
  • Data Steward networks across Europe – the Skills4EOSC Network Starter Kit is almost ready; we will be piloting it in September in Italy, where we will be establishing Italy’s first Data Steward Network in partnership with the University of Bologna. If you are interested in starting or joining a Data Steward network or RDM network in your area or country, please contact Curtis Sharma at C.J.M.Sharma@tudelft.nl.
  • Open Science Communities across Europe: nine new OSCs have been created under the auspices of INOSC in Athens (Greece), Coimbra (Portugal), Copenhagen (Denmark), Duisberg-Essen (Germany), Durham (United Kingdom), Hanover (Germany), Paris (France), Sheffield (United Kingdom), Umeå (Sweden). We will soon be reaching out to researchers in AI and Health and Technology to collaborate on surveying FAIR practices in these areas.
  • We are working towards a common European data stewardship curriculum, building on the Essentials 4 Data Support course hosted by the RDNL. This task is composed of members from many different European research institutions, and is led by 4TU.ResearchData. As part of this task we have been engaging with different data steward networks and communities within and beyond the Netherlands. We have had presentations and interactive sessions with the 4TUResearchData community, the Data Stewardship Interest Group, and the TU Delft data steward networks, with some terrific feedback from these sessions to help us advance the curriculum. We have also been speaking to and with other stakeholders in the data stewardship space, such as the EOSC taskforce on data steward career paths and curricula, and RDNL. 

To pitch in or get involved with the data stewardship curriculum or if you have other similar questions on the Skills4EOSC project, please get in touch with Nida (n.k.vanleersum@tudelft.nl) or Saba (s.sharma-10@tudelft.nl).

Stay tuned to our channels and the Skills4EOSC website for any news on the project!

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