Monthly round-up: January 2022

Happy New Year! We hope that returning to work after the holiday period has been a smooth transition. We’re back and excited to share some updates with you… Here’s January’s round-up from 4TU.ResearchData!


Celebrating one year of our community!

2021: Achievements, reflections and looking ahead…

Read about the growth, development and successes of our global online community since it was started in 2020. 

We’re launching an internship programme!

We’re pleased to announce that we’re offering internship projects for students, early career researchers and professionals seeking further experience in research data management, open science and science communication.

Read more and apply!

Attention on Agriculture, Animal and Plant Sciences!

Publishing agricultural data: Future foods for sustainable and healthy diets

PhD researcher, Alejandro Parodi, shares his motivations for openly publishing his data and software code on bioconversion efficiencies of the black soldier fly.

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What’s the worst that can happen to your data?

Coordinating data steward at Wageningen University and ResearchEri van Heijnsbergen, believes that the worst thing that can happen to your data is that it is forgotten once your research is complete… Unless you make it FAIR, of course!

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Did you see these datasets?

Agriculture, Animal and Plant Science datasets in the 4TU.ResearchData repository!

Feeding hydrogenated palm fatty acids and rumen-protected protein to lactating Holstein-Friesian dairy cows modifies milk fat triacylglycerol composition and structure, and solid fat content

Author(s): Kasper Hettinga, Sara Pacheco, Sine Yener, Jan Dijkstra, Hein van Valenberg and Kelly Nichols
Categories: Animal ProductionDairy ProductsFood Sciences

View the dataset

Monitoring dioxins, PCBs, PFAS and flame retardants in agricultural and fishery product

Author(s): Stefan van Leeuwen, Ron Hoogenboom, Antoine Nijrolder, Wim Traag, Jaap Immerzeel, Hanneke Brust, Caroline Dirks and Wouter A. Gebbink
Categories: Fisheries – AquacultureFisheries – Wild CaughtOther Animal Production and Animal Primary ProductsPrimary Animal Products

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Forage quality in grazing lawns and tall grasslands in the subtropical region of Nepal and implications for wild herbivores

Author(s): Shyam Thapa, Joost F. de Jong, Naresh Subedi, Naresh Subedi, Anouschka Hof, Gloria Corradini, Salu Basnet and Herbert HT Prins

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Join TU Delft’s Open Science Programme as the Community Engagement Manager

If you’re enthusiastic about community building, Open Access, FAIR data and Citizen Science then this role is for you!

Apply by 14th February


What happened this month?

Stronger together: Fostering collaboration between the UT-DCC, OSCT & 4TU.ResearchData

In 2022, the University of Twente’s Digital Competence Center (UT DCC), the Open Science Community Twente (OSCT) and 4TU.ResearchData are joining forces to co-organise events and thematic sessions for researchers, lecturers, and support staff in their shared journey towards open science. 

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4TU.ResearchData meets KNMI

We held a webinar to inform Koninklijk Nederlands Meteorologisch Instituut (KNMI) data stewards about our data repository and community services. 

View the slides

The University of Twente’s DCC website has been updated

The UT’s Digital Competence Centre’s website now includes information about new tools and services in the field of ICT for Research and Digitalization of Science. 

Take a look

Dates for your diary

For upcoming events check out the Open Research Calendar

Data Conversations: Peer-review for preprints and data

In collaboration with VU Amsterdam, this event will will focus on quality assessment for preprints and data publication. 4TU.ResearchData will introduce a pilot for the peer-review of data and software code published in the repository.

Join us on 16th February – All welcome!

4TU.ResearchData: A repository service and community for FAIR data

In collaboration with the UT-DCC and OSCT, we are running a webinar to demonstrate our services that support researchers and data support staff. 

Join us on 24th February – All welcome!

  • Online Recognition and Rewards Festival by NWO on February 4thCheck out the programme and register.
  • European Open Science Conference (Paris) on 4th and 5th FebruaryRegister now. 
  • FOSDEM 2022 Open Research Tools and Technologies Dev Room on 5th and 6th February. Register now.
  • Open Research Week 2022 from 14th February. Choose your events!
  • How to write good code (Code Refinery) by the eScience Center from 14th-17th FebruaryRegister now.
  • Mozilla Festival from 7th to 10th March. Register now.
  • Collaboration Workshop 2022 by the Software Sustainability Institute from 4th to 7th April. Register now.

Something to share?

If you have news to share or would like to include an announcement in next month’s round-up from 4TU.ResearchData, please get in touch. See you in February!

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