4TU.ResearchData’s Internship Programme is open!

We’re pleased to announce that we’re offering internship projects for students, early career researchers and professionals seeking further experience in research data management, open science and science communication. 

The 4TU.ResearchData Internship Programme is a global initiative that welcomes interns from around the world to work with us on FAIR data and open science projects. The primary goal of the programme is to improve the creation and reuse of research data and/or software code in technical science research disciplines.  

With grateful thanks to Connie Clare, Ashley Cryan, Madeleine de Smaele, Diana Popa, Marta Teperek, Yasemin Türkyilmaz van der Velden, Emmy Tsang, José Carlos Urra Llanusa, Yan Wang and Eirini Zormpa for developing the ideas that lead to the creation of this internship programme.

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