It’s already August… Time flies when you’re having fun! This month’s round-up from 4TU.ResearchData delivers plenty of community updates, job opportunities and exciting Autumn events direct to your inbox.


  • The power of sharing wind energy data and code

At the beginning of the year, TU Delft Airborne Wind Energy researcher, Mark Schelbergen, was nominated for an Open Initiatives Trophy award and received a special mention during the Open Science Festival for his inviting attitude toward FAIR data and Open Science.

Read about Mark’s research project in collaboration with Kitepower B.V.; how he’s mentored by supervisor, Roland Schmehl; and, his reasons for publishing data & code in 4TU.ResearchData.

  • Check out our community working groups!

This year, we launched working groups for data stewards and other research data management support professionals from the 4TU.ResearchData partner institutions to work collaboratively on topics related to… 

  • FAIR & reproducible code 
  • Privacy & GDPR
  • Engagement & Education 

Read more about our working group members, aims & deliverables!

Want to join a group or have an idea for a group you’d like to launch? Get in touch.

  • Train the Trainer workshop: Best practices for writing FAIR and Reproducible code

This summer we ran a 2-day workshop for the data stewards at our partner institutions to learn best practices for the management of FAIR and reproducible software code. 

Read about how we planned our workshop that reused course material from Utrecht University.

  • Check out our new community profile!

Our community turned 9 months old in July… We decided to reflect on our growth and development by creating a community profile.  

Learn more about our: 

  • 80+ members
  • 140+ subscribers
  • 3 working groups
  • FAIR Data Initiatives

 Join our community and get involved.

Did you see these datasets?

Last month’s top downloaded datasets in the 4TU.ResearchData repository!

Experiments on floating bed rotating drums using magnetic particle tracking

Author(s): Tim Nijssen, Mark van Dijk, Hans Kuipers, Jan van der Stel, Allert Adema, Kay Buist
Institution: Eindhoven University of Technology
Categories: Chemical Engineering
Keywords: Rotating drum, Particle dynamics, Magnetic Particle Tracking, Floating particle bed, Liquid-solid systems

View the dataset

Energy-Level Alignment at Interfaces between Transition-Metal Dichalcogenide Monolayers and Metal Electrodes Studied with Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy

Author(s): Pavel Markeev, Emad Najafidehaghani, Ziyang Gan, Kai Sotthewes, Antony George, Andrey Turchanin, Michel de Jong
Institution: University of Twente
Categories: Condensed Matter Physics
Keywords: TMDC monolayers, Crystal

View the dataset

Hallucination In Object Detection-A Study In Visual Part Verification

Author(s): Osman Kayhan, Bart Vredebrecht, Jan van Gemert
Delft University of Technology
Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing
Visual part verification, object detection, Visual inspection, Bike part dataset

View the dataset


Vacancy for a data manager

Delft University of Technology is looking for a Data Manager to join its vibrant and international Digital Competence Centre (DCC) team. 

Read more about this vacancy and apply by 1st September.

Vacancies for…

  • An information specialist

The Faculty of Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences (BMS) at the University of Twente seeks an enthusiastic information specialist!

If you’re interested in developing educational curricula and providing support for researchers about the use of scientific information, then this role is for you!

Read more about this vacancy and apply by 6th September.

  • Data stewards

The University of Twente library is recruiting research data stewards to support the implementation of research data management and FAIR data within university faculties. 

Read more about these vacancies and apply by 13th September.

Dates for your diary…

For upcoming events check out the Open Research Calendar.

Something to share?

If you have news to share or would like to include an announcement in next month’s round-up from 4TU.ResearchData, please get in touch. See you in September!

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