The University of Twente’s First Software Carpentry Workshop

Earlier this month The University of Twente delivered their first Software Carpentry Workshop (SWC) in collaboration with 4TU.ResearchData. We are thrilled to announce it was a real success.

The workshop was conducted by 4 instructors and 8 helpers who taught 20 learners. During four online lessons the instructors gave an introduction to the basics of Unix, Git and Python.  

The course participants were enthusiastic and provided useful feedback about the workshop. They reported that the pace was adaptive, the explanations clear and they believed that  having helpers to assist participants during the course was a great way to learn something new with no one falling behind. 

Thank you to the instructors and helpers who organised and delivered these lessons!

The University of Twente is very excited to announce that they will organise a second SWC soon. If you’re interested in participating in a future SWC, check the University’s events page and subscribe to their DCC newsletter to be the first to receive more information.

For those interested in becoming a helper or instructor during these workshops, contact your data steward for more information.  

Written by Judith Brands (University of Twente)
Edited by Paula Martinez Lavanchy and Connie Clare (4TU.ResearchData)

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