National Open Science Festival #OSF2021NL

Meet, Share, Inspire, Care…

On February 11th, around 500 participants tuned into The National Open Science Festival to learn about the benefits of Open Science. Here are our highlights…

Pre-festival workshops

Online Open Source Hardware Building Session

José Carlos Urra Llanusa, Santosh Ilamparuthi, Manuel Garcia, Jerry de Vos, Suryansh Sharma, Jannes Nelissen and Nicolas Barker (TU Delft) hosted a session that gave researchers a hands-on introduction to building and operating open source hardware. The relevant kit and information was mailed to participants ahead of the session to ensure that all participants were ready and prepared to build!


Daniela Gawehns, Kristina Hettne (Leiden University) and helper, Paloma Rojas Saunero (Erasmus MC), taught participants How-To-Reprohack. In breakout sessions, participants tried reproducing a paper in a live-coding session and took the first steps to organising their own reprohack.

Event highlights

Watch the pre-recorded livestream from The Hague, NL

Anton Akhmerov, Theoretical Physicist from TU Delft

“We talk about doing things properly when it comes to [open] data and [open source] software… But, already the minimal workflow is better than not sharing. The absolute minimal workflow is ‘ZIP and upload’; you don’t have to do anything else and already it is so much better.”

Community-led sessions

  • An introduction to Open Science: what is it, and what can you do today?
    Maria Cruz (NWO) & Esther Plomp (TU Delft)
  • Five recommendations for FAIR software
    Dafne van Kuppevelt & Carlos Martinez Ortiz (Netherlands eScience Center)
  • Open science in education: explore the opportunities to enrich your courses
    Pim van Schöll, Michiel de Jong, Nicole Will (TU Delft) & Nicolien Schmaal (Wageningen University & Research)
  • How to publish your book in open access – testing the OA Books Toolkit
    Jeroen Sondervan, Koen Leurs (Utrecht University), Eelco Ferwerda & Tom Mosterd (OAPEN)
  • FAIR and OPEN data from finish to start
    Hans van Piggelen, Hylke Koers (SURF), Erik van den Bergh (Wageningen University & Research)
  • Towards an open post-publication review platform
    Tomas Knapen, Sander Bosch (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
  • Success factors of Citizen Science
    Frans Snik & Anne Land (Leiden University)
  • The importance of data pre-processing
    Maximilian Primbs (Radboud University) & Leonhard Volz (University of Amsterdam)
  • Your Gateway to Open Science Training
    Loek Brinkman (UMC Utrecht), Sander Bosch (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) & Raúl Zurita-Milla (University of Twente)
  • Get engaged: you’re the audience!
    Jeroen Bosman & Bianca Kramer (Utrecht University)
  • PIDs 101
    Gabriela Mejias (ORCID) & Gül Akcaova (SURF)
  • Pre-registration of data science studies
    Hanne Oberman, Dong Nguyen, Daniel Oberski (Utrecht University) & Marjan Bakker (Tilburg University)

I visited nine of the community-led sessions… What struck me was that a very large percentage of participants were young scientists… You could see that there was an eagerness to be involved, and to learn what Open Science is and what it can offer.

– Karel Luyben, National Coordinator of Open Science

2021 Open Initiatives Trophy Winner: ReproHack NL

ReproHack NL won this year’s Open Initiatives Trophy!

Congratulations to all members of the team at ReproHack.
Read more about the winners and runners up!

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A collection of CC BY #OSF2021NL related materials can be found on Zenodo.

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