TDCC-NES workshop outcomes: addressing bottlenecks together to encourage FAIR practice in research methods, data, and software

As part of the programme of this year’s Open Science Festival, which took place last week at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, the 3 thematic DCCs  (LSHSSH and NES) organised a workshop with a joint goal to better understand the bottlenecks our communities are facing in the uptake of FAIR practices.

With a mix of RDM professionals, researchers, and Open Science enthusiasts in the room, around 35 of us in total, the team opened the session by positioning the Thematic DCCs within the existing landscape. They did so from the perspective of researchers and institutions, focusing on our 2 key goals – to strengthen domain-specific networks, and to address challenges relating to the use of digital infrastructure and computational techniques that go beyond individual institutions.

Read the full article on the TDCC-NES website… For more details, have a look at the slide deck and the spreadsheet with input from the workshop in Zenodo.

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