Open Science Community Eindhoven is back!

On 28 June, the Open Science Community Eindhoven (OSC/e) kicks off again after a long break!

This KO event aims to find out:

  • What TU/e researchers think about Open Science
  • What their interests and needs are, and
  • How OSC/e can help the TU/e research community.

What’s the plan?

There will be a panel discussion to explore the idea behind Open Science communities, Open Science practices and the challenges that researchers face when adopting these practices.

Who can join?

The KO event is open to everyone interested in open science; no prior knowledge or experience is needed. All welcome!


Andrea Kis

PhD candidate | TU/e | Industrial Engineering and Innovation Sciences

Andrea Kis is a psychologist who studies good and bad scientific practices, and the psychology of the scientists engaging in these actions. Her current research aims to understand what PhDs within TU/e experience in terms of responsible research climates, supervision, and questionable practices. She has been applying OS practices in her work and is involved with other OS/meta-science communities (e.g., SIPS, NRIN RI meetings).

Anita Eerland

Dr. | Utrecht University | Department of Languages, Literature and Communication

Anita Eerland is a psycholinguist who studies language comprehension, specifically in a legal context. She’s been applying OS practices in her own research for over a decade, was involved in several international OS initiatives (e.g., PsyArXiv) and societies (e.g., SIPS), and founded the first Open Science Community together with Loek Brinkman in Utrecht in 2018.

Leo Tiokhin

Postdoc | TU/e | Industrial Engineering and Innovation Sciences

Leo Tiokhin is a meta-scientist who studies the forces that shape how scientists do their work and make inferences from the populations that they study. Much of his research focuses on how incentive structures affect scientific efficiency and reliability, and how we can improve the recognition and reward structures in science. Leo has been applying a wide range of OS practices to his work since he was a graduate student.

Markus Konkol

Dr. | The University of Twente | Faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation

Markus Konkol is an Open Science Officer at the Faculty for Geoinformation and Earth Observation at the University of Münster. Before that, he worked in the research project Opening Reproducible Research which focuses on computational reproducibility in geosciences. He also co-organized the Open Science Community Twente.


Join us on Wednesday 28th June at 14:00-15:00 CET | Online

Written by Kristina Korshunova (TU Eindhoven)

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