The Reproducibility Challenge 

‘ReproJuice’ is a game that puts you in the shoes of a researcher in charge of replicating a colleague’s experiment. Step into the lab, figure out where the equipment is, and follow the protocol to synthesize the correct yield of a chemical substance!

Through this interactive ‘point-and-click’ adventure, we hope that you will have fun whilst learning about some of the challenges associated with reproducing an experiment.

Tip: You may want to start with the tutorial ‘Kevin’s experiment‘ first. 

ReproJuice was supported by Marta Teperek and Alastair Dunning (TU Delft Library). The game was designed by Linda van Veen (TU Delft Gamelab) and Bas van Nuland (The Barn Games) with the help of TU Delft Data Stewards; Yasemin Türkyilmaz-van der Velden, Esther Plomp and Nicolas Dintzner. The game was evaluated and adjusted based on feedback of TU Delft researcher, Marcel Bus. This game would not have been what it is without the help of the many people who took time to test it!