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Romero Herrera



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Associate Professor


Delft University of Technology


I work as an Associate Professor at the department of Human-Centered Design of the Faculty Industrial Design Engineering, at Delft University of Technology. With a background in Computer Science, in the last 2 decades I’ve contributed in the field of Human Computer Interactions to support behavioural change and wellbeing.

In the last 5 years I’ve focused my interest in understanding the role of (personal) data and its interactions with people in their daily life to influence their abilities and values to change practices. I’ve actively applied my knowledge in the context of self-management in healthcare and sustainability (energy consumption).

Since 2 years ago, I’ve also gained high interest in Open Data by becoming a Data Champion at IDE and by applying FAIR principles in my own research projects. Currently I’m also exploring the development of data enabled tools to run Open Science projects specifically in the context of Citizen Science to scale up the collection, sharing and application of behavioural insights from self-management to policy making.

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