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Launch of Data Steward’s RDM Use Cases

Researchers and data stewards often face a common situation: it is not always easy to apply general RDM knowledge to specific situations. Learning from practice experiences and/or related research context is highly appreciated by both groups. Therefore, the 4TU.ResearchData working group ‘Engagement and Education’ is proud to launch the ‘Data Steward’s RDM Use Case’.

What is it about? 

It is a collection of disciplinary use cases inspired by real-world study, in which research teams faced specific data-related challenges from a storage/processing perspective, privacy and compliance with GDPR point of view, or ethical considerations and institutional ethical review. 
The cases presented in this series are based on research projects from various faculties and departments within the 4TU partner organizations (TU Delft, UT, TU/e, WUR). Each case highlights what constitute “problems” in a unique and unusual setting and how to address them. If a case is described in here, it happens in real life too!

Who should read it? Why?

Data stewards, data support professionals and researchers are all welcome to make use of this series. We hope this case-study will provide you with insight into what may be required for your own work and trigger interesting discussions on such key aspects of research activities.
Here is a summary of added value:

How and how often a new case will be published? 

We plan to publish one new use case every month. All community members are invited to comment, co-create and improve the cases!

Article written by Yan Wang.

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