The 4TU.ResearchData community gathering: a wrap-up

Our community event took place this spring on 9 May, at the Social Impact Factory in Utrecht. This edition’s theme was SHARE- BUILD- IMAGINE: share FAIR practices, build connections and imagine the future of our community. Why? Because our community is all about sharing knowledge and supporting each other to make research more FAIR.

The day was filled with workshops and fun activities, such as workshops for RDM professionals and passionate academics, presentations from our FAIR Data Fund grantees and even a role-play game on data management. 

Among the activities – the #The DataHunters game was a great success. The players had to explore a research project and play a role to collect and share sensitive data while facing certain challenges and dangers on the way.

The afternoon was packed with introductions and updates from the working groups: FAIR and Reproducible Code, Privacy and GDPR, and Engagement and Education.

We also introduced the Data Academy: a knowledge exchange initiative and a series of workshops and courses on FAIR data and software. More information on this initiative will come as the Academy takes shape –  if you are interested in knowing more and joining the sprint team, you can reach out to Alessandra Soro, our Community Manager (

Another interesting and interactive session was on the Skills4EOSC project, where 4TU.ResearchData is actively involved. The session aimed at looking at the knowledge and experiences of data stewards to inform revisions to the current MVS, or minimum viable skill sets – one of the developing objectives of the project. 

Last but not least, the TDCC NESS – The Thematic Digital Competence Centre (TDCC) for the Natural & Engineering Sciences (NES) – presented their strategic initiatives and current bottleneck projects, more information on their work can be found on the organisation’s website. 

Finally, we all celebrated the day in the evening with snacks and drinks, thanks to the welcoming atmosphere of the Social Impact Factory venue.

If you’d like to join our community, please go ahead and register on our website

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