4TU.ResearchData – The Carpentries instructor certification spots available

Do you enjoy teaching your peers how to accomplish more with software and data skills? Is teaching others an activity you really enjoy and would like to learn new ways of teaching digital skills? Would you like to be part of an inspirational community of people who care about inclusive teaching of computational skills? Then, you should become a certified Carpentries instructor!

4TU.ResearchData, as a member institution of The Carpentries, is offering 10 spots to become a Carpentries certified instructor to our community members. 

What is the process to become a Carpentries certified instructor?

  1. Attend an Instructor Training event The training runs over two full days or four half days and covers the basics of educational psychology, evidence-based classroom practices, and how to apply both to teaching workshops for The Carpentries. For more details, visit the Instructor training curriculum page.
  2. Complete the checkout process You must complete three short tasks after the training in order to complete certification as a Carpentries Instructor. See our Checkout Instructions page for more details.

If you are interested, please contact Paula Martinez Lavanchy, the 4TU.ResearchData Carpentries membership coordinator via P.M.MartinezLavanchy@tudelft.nl until Wednesday 26th of April.

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