4TU.ResearchData is on the road this spring on a journey to meet and better engage with our community! We are doing a tour of our partner and member institutions to strengthen our collaboration with both staff and students.

The roadshow aims to bring together data stewards, data support staff, researchers, supervisors, research software engineers… and more!

Will you be joining us? Next stop is University of Twente

Date: 25 April
Time: 12.30 – 14.00 hrs.
Location: Inform-DesignLab, University of Twente


  • Welcome & lunch
  • Introduction to the Digital Competence Centre (DCC) of the University of Twente 
  • Introduction to the 4TU.ResearchData community (Alessandra Soro) & TDCC NES – Thematic Digital Competence Centre for Natural Science and Engineering (Mira Stanic) 
  • DEMO of the new 4TU repository system Djehuty: increase your scientific visibility with open source
  • Q&A & Closure

Why a roadshow?

  • To introduce 4TU and its services with a view to improve research data management 
  • To engage with members of the community
  • To listen and understand the needs of the members (especially the staff)
  • To showcase our repository (DEMO and ask people to participate to the development of the platform)

 Main goals @ UTwente

  • Raise awareness on Open and FAIR research
  • Showcase the opportunities offered by both communities
  • Engage with the local community of researchers, PhD students and postdocs

 There is a maximum capacity of 50 people to host for the event in DesignLab INFORM, so please sign up!

Register now to attend!

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