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FAIR data in Science and Engineering

A community event hosted by 4TU.ResearchData

Wednesday, December 7th | 11.30 – 17.00 
Social Impact Factory, Utrecht

Welcome to the event for FAIR data pioneers!

This event is dedicated to researchers, RDM professionals, and academics who strive to make data FAIR in science and engineering. Find your community, and explore FAIR data in science and engineering. 

What is the event about?

  • Brainstorm new ideas with RDM professionals
  • Discover 4TU.ResearchData’s Djehuty: the open source future of our data repository
  • Pitch your challenges and projects to get support
  • Discover new communities in FAIR data



11.30 – 12.00 > Walk-in and, Agenda of the day
12.00 – 12.45 > Lunch
12.45 – 13.45 > Intro to the community, Pitch & Match 
13.45 – 14.00 > Coffee break
14.00 – 16.45 > Breakout sessions
14.00 – 14.45 > Discover 4TU.ResearchData’s Djehuty: the open source future of our data repository
15.00 – 15.45 > Working groups: sharing findings and exploring new idea
16.00 – 16.30 > RDM professionals meet-up
16:30 – 17.00 > Communities in the spotlight
17.0 – 18.00 > Snacks and drinks

Pitch & match > 12.30 – 13.45
Members will pitch projects they need help with or launch a challenge they are trying to solve.
Everybody gets 5 minutes to pitch + 10 minutes of Q&A. Registration is required to submit a pitch.
It will follow a selection process based on relevance (for the whole community), and pertinence to the themes FAIR Data, Data management, education, and community engagement.
Registrations closed.

Breakout sessions > 14.00 – 16.45
This activity will last 45 minutes each with 15 minutes break in betwee.

There are currently 4 active working groups you can join:

  1. FAIR and Reproducible Code working group
    Presenter: Nicolas Dintzner, Data Steward, TU Delft Nicolas will be presenting the learning objectives of the working group shortly along with some important outputs of the working group. This working group brings data stewards together to learn about useful tools; writing, documenting, and testing code; version control and collaboration; pipelines for programming languages; and archiving and licensing of software code.
  2. Privacy and GDPR working group.
    Presenter: Yan Wang, Data Stewardship Coordinator, TU Delft Yan has been actively participating in this working group and Yan will give a short talk about the working group and further highlight some important outputs This working group brings data stewards together to learn about the best practices for handling personal or commercially sensitive data.
  3. Engagement and Education working group
    Presenter: Santosh Ilamparuthi, Data Steward, TU Delft The learning objectives and concrete outcomes of this working group will be introduced by Santosh. This working group brings data stewards together to explore opportunities for cross-institutional collaborations to deliver education and training for data supporters and researchers
  4. Interactive brainstorming
    Host: Zafer Öztürk, Data Steward FAIR, University of Twente The last part of this breakout session will be dedicated to the challenges, new ideas that would fit the aforementioned working groups or the creation of possible new working groups. Zafer will guide you through this interactive last part. We are curious to hear more from you all!

Communities in the spotlight > 16.30 – 17.00
This is an opportunity to discover other communities in data management, FAIR, and Open data. Members of the communities will share their experiences and highlight the importance of the role of communities in the scientific landscape.
Registrations closed.

Drinks and snacks > 17.00 – 18.30


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